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  • Convert Any Video Tape (VHS) To DVD
  • Works with Windows 10/8/7/Vista
    (64-Bit Support)
  • Easy-To-Use "Step-By-Step"
    Software Functionality
  • Edit Your Transferred Video To Remove
    Commercials & Unwanted Sections
  • Burn Your Transferred Video
    (Or Existing Video Files) To DVD
  • Direct2DVD™ Feature - Transfer Your
    Video Tapes Directly To DVD
  • FREE! Video Capture Device & Video
    Transfer Cable Included ($49.99 Value)
The first step is to install the VHS2DVD Wizard software and drivers on your computer. You'll have to restart your PC after doing so. This step only takes a few minutes to complete.
Next, plug in the included video capture device to any free USB port on your computer. Then, connect the capture device to your VCR video tape player using the included video transfer cable.
Finally, start using VHS2DVD Wizard to transfer your video tapes to your PC! You can simply watch the captured video on your computer, or you can use the software to burn it to DVD.

Introducing VHS2DVD Wizard™
Video Tape Converter Software

Transfer Video Tapes To Your Computer

The VHS2DVD Wizard™ software is split up into three easy steps. The first step is where you'll actually transfer your VHS video tape to your computer. You'll do this by connecting your included VHS2DVD Wizard™ capture device to any free USB port on your PC. Then, connect the capture device to your VCR video tape player using the included video transfer cable. Finally, simply click "Record" in the software! You can also transfer videos unattended by having the software automatically stop recording video after a certain amount of time.

Edit Your Recorded Video

At the next step, you can edit the video that you've just transferred. This step is optional, but it is helpful if you need to cut out certain sections of your video. For example, let's say you're transferring an old VHS tape recording of a TV show. You can use the "Edit" feature to cut out commercials in the recording and any other unwanted portions of your video. Finally, just save your new recording to your computer, and it's ready to watch or burn to DVD!

Burn Your Transferred Video To DVD

The final step is to burn your transferred video to DVD. You can always watch your transferred video on your computer, so this step is also optional. However, if you'd like to watch your transferred video on a DVD player, you can burn your video to DVD at this step. If you have other miscellaneous videos on your computer that you'd like to burn to DVD, you can add those to your project and burn them to DVD as well!

Or... Convert Video Tapes Using Direct2DVD™!

The software also comes with a feature called Direct2DVD™ that can save you lots of time and makes it easier than ever to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD. Using this feature, you can transfer video from your VHS tape and burn it to DVD in real time. Just play your VHS tape and burn it directly to DVD!

Note: this feature is designed for newer computers. If you happen to have a slightly older computer, just use the normal 3 steps to transfer your VHS tapes to DVD.

BONUS! Video Capture Device & Video Transfer Cable

With your purchase of the VHS2DVD Wizard™ software, you'll also receive a video capture device as well as a video transfer cable. This capture device plugs into any free USB port on your computer. With these tools plus the VHS2DVD Wizard™ software, you'll have everything you need to convert VHS tapes to DVD!
"VHS2DVD Wizard has worked wonders and once I got it going, it is very easy to use.

This was the product that I had been looking for. Thanks again for all of your help. I will definitely tell people about this product."
Jenny Schieve
"Hello again, Thank you so much! I ordered both your Cassette2CD and VHS2DVD Wizard software. I'm a nurse and am transferring many things so our nursing home residents have more quality, inspiring companionship. Your genius is very valuable to the elderly, and although they might not know to thank you, consider this a huge thank you from many, many people. I'll let my colleagues know nationwide."
Lani Howarth
"I am very pleased with this program so far. This is really neat seeing my old movies transferring to the computer. I have yet to edit and burn them to DVD, so you might hear from me again. :-)

Thank you for replying."
Vicki Cammack | Deer Park, TX
"My order arrived while I was on vacation. After catching up on things I installed your software yesterday and it worked fine on my desktop. I know you can't wear electronics 'out' but I can assure you that I will be using your product a lot!

Again..a great product! Well back to my life here in beautiful northern New Hampshire. I live near the top of a mountain, only bothered by the moose and deer that visit occasionally and a massive pile of firewood that needs to be stacked before winter as my wife constantly reminds me.

Have a great day!"
Dave Dempsey | Concord, NH

Just wanted to thank for this super program purchased from you. It is super and allot easier to achieve recording all about 700 VHS's that I have transferring to DVD. Saves a ton of space and the VHS tapes that stick,break,jam or whatever and losing what I needed for my daughter marriage and birthday meetings.

I had purchased other types of sales saying this way record VHS to DVD or charges you for the copy program that has to be sent to them and returned to you. You definitely have a winner of this process, Wish I had know of your program years ago. Just wanted to pass this to you and thank you for all the way you have given my wife and I for being able to save our VHS films recorded back in 1955. Had 2 VHS's lost because the VHS's had been in the bright sun.

If I can ever help you in any way, please let me know. You have a 100 % loyalty here from us."
Michael Glassman
"I must tell you I have never dealt with such a wonderful company. You were very prompt in shipping my order, and answered my e-mails immediately... You are a wonderful company to deal with."
Ruth Stewart
"I ordered my VHS2DVD Wizard less than a week ago. I received it in three days and it was so easy to use. I had it hooked up and working the first night and transferred 16 hours of VHS tapes within two days. It was fun to work with and do it yourself - savings made the investment well worth it!!!"
Leilani Messore | Old Orchard Beach, ME
"I just received my VHS2DVD WIZARD package. I am totally impressed with the help and efficiency I received from all of you...

When I sent the VHS2DVD Wizard support team an order request to change the payment and delivery type, they immediately accommodated my request efficiently and professionally with very timely return support emails that explained how they would help solve my order dilemma. I received my software in just a few days after the order was placed. Thank You!"
Dick Loeffler | Huntsville, UT

VHS video tapes don't last forever. When they go bad, it is
expensive (and many times impossible) to salvage them.

On the other hand, DVD's last up to ten times as long as some
video tapes... 100 years or more!

When it's so easy to transfer your video tapes to DVD with
VHS2DVD Wizard, why not start today - before it's too late?

Your Purchase Is 100% Guaranteed.

If you are not completely happy with your purchase, simply get it back to us within 14 days of receiving it. You'll promptly receive a full refund. (Unopened purchases can be returned within 60 days.) VHS2DVD Wizard™ also comes with a Full 1-Year Warranty.