How to Copy Video Tapes to DVD


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Everyone has those old, bulky VHS tapes lying around collecting dust. They take up way too much space, and VHS tape players are becoming more and more obsolete by the second. It is still possible to save those precious memories forever! You can convert them to DVD!


Converting VHS tapes to DVD is not a hard process by any means. You will need a few things though.

You will need either a VHS tape player with the tape or a camcorder with the colored wires and plug them into your computer. If you don't have the ports on your computer, I recommend the Dazzle card. This converts the wires via USB.


Your computer will also need to be somewhat powerful, with atleast 2 Ghz processor and 512 MB RAM. You will need atleast 20 GB free on your hard drive, as well. If you don't have the free space, no need to worry, hard drives are really inexpensive these days.


You will need atleast a CD-RW drive. DVD-/+R is recommended but I will show you how to use both to copy from the VHS.


You will also need video editing software.


Plug in the wires and start converting! If you need any of the software mentioned, there is no need to worry! Be sure check out my website. I give some really in-depth details about it and also provide some links to download. I also explain how you do not even need a DVD burner to copy your VHS tapes or even other DVD movies!


Want the neccessary tools to copy your old VHS tapes? I also provide the software that makes it possible to copy DVD movies using regular CD writers! Check out my web site!


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