Converting VHS to DVD


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If you have all your movies, photos and memories stored on VHS, it may be time to consider converting your VHS tapes to DVD format. More than likely you have a DVD player and use it more than your video player. If you would like to preserve your VHS movies to DVD there are a number of options to consider. It is true that your VHS tapes will not last forever; they are known to be easily damaged and affected over time. More people are storing memories and movies on DVD which can last anywhere from 25 years to 250 years.


One simple method for conversion is if you own a combination DVD and VCR recorder-player, you can record your VHS tape straight to DVD using this electronic equipment. These units are available at any electronics store.

Another easy method is to use a video camera; this can involve one cable to be plugged between VCR video out port and the camera’s video in port. This process can be slow, but it is simple and easy to follow using your video camera’s instruction manual.


Other techniques can include an external electronic device which is connected to your VCR and then into your computer with a USB cable. These products are manufactured specifically for this function so they are relatively user-friendly. With this product the only other important factor is that you need a DVD burner facility on your computer, to allow final recording onto a blank DVD.


Having the file format available to you on your computer can be convenient for editing of movies, using various simple software editing packages which usually come with new computers. This can make your DVD’s more entertaining and memorable to edit out un-wanted information.


There are other, more technical techniques to use for the conversion, however if you are an un-technical type of person – there are companies who specialize in these services. These conversion companies can do all the dirty work for you, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a successful DVD conversion without any effort at all.


Dylan Brent wrote this for the online marketers at Dynamic DVD ( His interests lie in technology, video production and video editing.


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